A quick overview of some music award shows and unforgettable memories

Awards are what we want most as when we strive to achieve something we also want that we will receive a reward. In different fields, there are also different awards. In this time, let us also know the desired awards of those who are in the music industry. There are already some organized shows that give this awards and they can be shown live on television. There are six different awards and there are also the memorable events or something related to it. Here is the infographic.

One of the most popular music awards is The Grammys that is the first to be established among the awards shows in the list above. Michael Jackson made an amazing performance in his song Man in the Mirror(1988). He was then given the title as king of pop. The one who received most awards with a total of 31 is George Solti a classical conductor.More info from this accounting service that you might like 會計師事務所.  Another music awards established for one major music genre is Country Music Association Awards that was established in the year 1973.

The singer who wins the most award is George Strait with a total of 22 wins. One of the most considered iconic performance is when Alan Jackson sang for the tribute to the 9/11 tragedy with the song entitled Where Were You (When the World Stop Turning). There are more of the five awards that were established later than the ones mentioned. Take a quick overview of them through the infographic above and you will also read some interesting facts.