The various and interesting facts about the attendees to the music festivals in UK

The music festivals could not succeed without the attendees who flocked the events from different places all around the world. They are like the customers who purchase or avail of products. They also must be satisfied with what they will see and what they can do. That is why getting facts and statistics about the attendees are helpful so that there would be an idea of what would be prepared for the next time the festival will happen. Here are the various facts.

You can see in the infographic that the high percentage of the attendees likes rock music. They also drink beer the most and then prefer cider as the second type of drink. The cider and wine is a tie in the percentage of those who prefer it but the number one that has the highest vote is the shots and also the spirits. The cocktails then come as number six and number seven is this travel agency, check more here. Having this kind of information can help those who will have business near and on the site.

One of the privileges that people see during the music festivals is that they can take drugs and you might have heard of famous festivals that had happened that drugs have been openly used and also alcohol and any other acts. But still, many want to go there as their point of view is not that against those who do it. Look over this agency to help you conduct visa to  go here view this 泰雅. But it all depends on a person and it is not a general application.