Coachella: Introducing the famous music festival in California

The music festivals are┬áthe part of the life of the music lovers who want to be able to experience the life that music can bring to them. In this article is the music festival that is famous and many people attend. It is one of the dreams of those who love music to attend in the part of the United States of America. This country is known for its love of the music and the entertainment. It’s home to the Hollywood. Here are the facts of this music festival.

As thousands of attendees are present at the event and it is not just for one day but a span of two weeks so many bottles of water are consumed.It can reach to more than 158, 000 bottles of water. The range of ages of those who went that fall into the 71% of the total number of attendees is in between the age of 18 and 34. Go over this great looking agency, look here for some services. One fact is that a Ferris wheel dedicated to the festival is larger than the statue of liberty.

They have launched an official app for the festival that you can download to see the contents and know some information that you will need. Many of those who attended the music festival have a positive review as they say that it is an organized one and that they can surely go again. The fee that they had paid is worth it and that they enjoyed much being assisted by this travel agency visit this link. You may want to attend the next time this festival will be held.