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Rock Songs of all Times

There are different genres of music which people love listening to. While driving, riding a bus, jogging, before going to sleep, and while studying, music is a perfect companion because you will not feel alone. Depending on the activity and mood you have, choose the music that fits you. For example, if you feel difficult to sleep, then choose classical music rather than rock music. And if the mood is “gloomy” or lonely, listen to rock music.


If you want the mood to be alive, here are some of the songs you can listen to.

  • Sweet Child o’ Mine – This song is actually one of the most famous  rock songs of all times by the popular band, ‘Guns N Roses’. It is being played on radio stations and many internet users as well as music lovers go for music streaming.


  • We Will Rock You – This is also a popular song which never fades. Many people still love listening to it. This song became popular because of the talent of the band members,Queen.
  • Born to be Wild – Listening to this song will really make you wild. This song became famous with the great effort of Steppenwolf since the 1960’s up to present.


  • Walk this Way – The band Aerosmith is a famous rock band and this song became widely spread all over the world.
  • You Really Got Me – A popular band, the Kinks, made this song became more popular. Through this song, listeners can know the mind of the composer.

Music is truly alive and can influence listeners.