Characteristics of Rock Music

Since there are so many genre of music, we may be a little bit confused of what kind of music we are listening to.

Drums and Cymbals. If we are listening to strong sound of drums and cymbals, we can make sure that it is a rock music. Drummers play heavily and that percussion comes in distortion.



Guitar. Guitar is so strong and guitar sound is so deep. Guitarists usually stram guitar strings heavily like strings are going to break off. However, this is the beauty of rock songs. Generally, rock lyrics comes with love songs, which is almost the same with pop songs.

Members. The members are four,  drummer, pianist, guitarist and a singer. These four members cooperate and unite to perform a harmonious melody. The leader is the singer and he is the one whom the audience looks up to. Many people think that these four members are good partners and have loud  characteristics. chavisrecords

Bombastic Sound. Bombastic sound is heard when performed. For rock singers, loud, bombastic, and distorted sound. Sometimes slow but loud. Sometimes it is the same with pop sound. A lot of people are confused with pop and rock.

Pop is more on too emotional songs whatever the content is.The measure of the beat is usually 4/4. This is why they said that rock songs have good dynamic and rhythm. Come to think of it, rock songs are good whether they come smooth or distorted. What people can just do is to listen well and imitate how the music goes.