How to Organize a Rock Festival and How Much Will it Cost?

The most diverse festivals 一 are an integral part of the culture of many countries of the world. Indeed, during such holidays, a driving atmosphere is created that attracts guests from other cities and even countries.

In fact, many think about their own festival but do not know about the specific steps without which the festival is impossible. So here are a few points that must be taken into account when you're about to make your own rock festival.

Financial calculations

Those who hold such a festival for the first time are interested in the question: "How much can you earn by organizing such an event?". If the goal is to raise funds, then pay special attention to the financial part at the planning stage. The business plan, along with the idea of ​​the event, immediately becomes an integral element of the preparatory processes.

We recommend calculating three estimates at once:

  • Ideal;
  • Optimal;
  • Compromise.

And immediately calculate your own paid services at the festival: this will allow you to plan more freely and choose partners more accurately.

At the preparatory stage, the organizer must develop proposals for sponsors and partners who will provide financial support. The larger the festival, the more likely it is that sponsors will help you cover the main expenses.

The Main Costs of Organizing a Music Festival

The most important thing that will require considerable money is the place and the artists performing at the festival. Of course, it all depends on the scale of the planned event - the larger it is, the more expensive the preparations will cost. And how famous your headliner will affect the cost of the festival. However, we must not forget that sponsors will be much more willing to cooperate with those who arrange the performance of the Red Hot Chili Peppers than a dozen local bands.


Music festivals cover hundreds of acres, so securing the land is a major expense for festival organizers.

Consider that one acre can be worth up to $220,000, and suddenly, the potential figure jumps to the eight-figure territory. Also, once the land is secured, the organizers can pay around $850,000 or more to insure it for the festival.

Additional expenses

Of course, everything depends on the scale of the festival, the number of invited artists, the place, and the time. But you can consider Burning Man as an example. Last year they spent $9.5M on wages, $4M on contractors, $3.8M on permits and fees, $2.9M on heavy equipment rentals, and $2.1M on payroll taxes. And employee benefits and more than $2 million in construction, supplies, and office costs.

Don't forget the cost of grants to local artists, security, ticketing, and accommodation, including utility bills. The amount varies from 1.3 to 1.7 million dollars. The "smaller" costs, such as supplies, taxes, travel, maintenance, and depreciation, range from $200,000 to $600,000 each.

Performer Paychecks

We know from leaked examples that LCD Soundsystem made about $100,000 for Bonnaroo headlining performances in 2010, but Coachella salaries, for example, now top $3 million for headliners. There are also exceptions. Guns N' Roses have made up to $8 million over two Coachella weekends, while Outkast charges between $1 million and $4 million to perform at a music festival. So the choice of headliner will affect your costs the most.